A professional grade gutter protection, Gutter Gekko’s surgical-grade micro-mesh reduces the need for gutter cleaning.

    Professional Grade Gutter Protection

    Quality Edge Gutter Gekko is professional grade gutter protection made from surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh, that alleviates the need for continuous gutter cleaning. This micro mesh fits on all types of roofs and interlocks panels to keep seams from unravelling, all while taking up to 60 gallons of water per minute in a given rainstorm. It also creates a defensive barricade that keeps out all sorts of miniscule debris, leaves, animal nests, pine needles and grit.

    Gutter Protection System

    Gutter Gekko Micro Mesh Panel

    Straight Mitre

    Inside Mitre

    Universal End Caps

    Micro Mesh Gutter Protection

    To protect gutters from debris including small asphalt granules, utilize Gutter Gekko with its surgical steel micro mess regardless of the roof pitch.

    • Stainless steel mesh (surgical grade) for handling 60 gallons of water per minute
    • Strong 0.024" thickness. Available in aluminum in mill finish
    • Available in 5" or 6" widths and 60" length panels
    • Easy installation by mounting on fascia

    Lifetime Limited Warranty

    We use a mechanically bonded hemmed mesh process, making sure the body of the gutter guard automatically links securely into the micro mesh. This produces a system connection so strong that it will not break apart due to weather, debris, or just plain old wear and tear. Because of this smooth surface, the dust and debris merely blows off with the wind.

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    Ideally Sized

    Some competitive products use a mesh with larger openings which will allow pine needles and shingle granules to enter the gutters while other competitors use a mesh woven so tight that water cannot pass through fast enough, causing overshoot even in light rain conditions.

    Know the Difference

    Be careful of mesh gutter guards that glue, caulk, or crimp the mesh into the guard body because these methods have proven to fail and pull away over time when exposed to outdoor conditions.


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