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Here are the steps to become a certified contractor in QE’s roofing accessories, siding, and specialty programs.

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Contractors Programs for Your Success

Integra Roofing Program

Roofing contractors who demonstrate their value and provide options and education to homeowners have more satisfied customers. The Integra Roofing Program from Quality Edge provides roofing contractors the ability to differentiate with homeowners utilizing metal roofing trim. Are you interested in learning more about how metal flashings could create a better customer experience?

Craftsman Select Siding Program

Siding and siding accessories make a huge impact on the overall look and performance of a home exterior. The Craftsman Select certification and training for top siding contractors to provide homeowners with the assurance their project will exceed their expectations. Are you interested in learning how QE can help to create loyal homeowners for your company?

Elements Rainware Program

Elements contractor program differentiates rainware specialists from a do-it-yourself style installation by providing training and certification for gutter and underdeck product solutions. Contractors who demonstrate value, options and quality give homeowners confidence in their solutions. Are you interested in learning more about what products are available for gutter contractors to create a unique customer experience.

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